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Electrogenics Laboratories Limited

Electrogenics Laboratories Limited

Electrogenics Laboratories Limited (“ELL”) has a worldwide exclusive license from the University of Wollongong (UoW) for the MOSkin sensor technology. The MOSkin technology was developed by a team at UoW lead by Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld, who is regarded as a leading expert in the field.MOSkin technology, among other things, claims to be the only sensor technology that can measure radiation dosage compliant with the WED standard.This standard is currently a guideline but may become mandatory in Europe in the next few years and, thereafter, will most likely be adopted worldwide.

The MOSkin technology will be incorporated into several products, with the most important being a single use, wireless equipped radiation sensor. The MOSkin technology can also be built into machines made by the leading manufacturers such as Siemens.

ELL believe the MOSkin technology and resultant products are ready for commercialisation as so wishes to proceed to optimise products for volume manufacture, appoint and Australian manufacturer and proceed with getting regulatory approval from the TGA in Australia and the FDA in the USA and later, European and Asian accreditations as well.

As a Class 2 Non-invasive medical device, the accreditation process is expected to take around 6 months. ELL has engaged a specialist company Brandwood CKC to lead this effort. To fund this effort, the Company wishes to raise external capital and gain admission to the Official list of The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


ELL would like immediate funding of $4M to pay for commercial product development, including industrial design, the regulatory the regulatory approval process, engineering for manufacturing, set up of initial marketing regime and appointment, and training of distributors in Australia and other markets. ELL has agreed that the minimum raise for this series should be set at $2m.

Funds from this Pre IPO raise would also be used to prepare the Company for IPO, which would be timed to take place within 9 to 12 months from the close of the pre-IPO funding round.

The Company plans to issue up to 16m new shares at a price of 25c thus implying a Pre Money valuation around $7.5M (30,022,500 shares currently on issue). The main justification of this valuation is that it’s almost equivalent to the money spent getting the technology to its current state.

Novus accepts this valuation logic we would also like to see an alternative methodology based on anticipated revenues and profits as well as a comparative analysis with suitable companies on the ASX.

Novus has been mandated as Lead Manager, Sponsoring Broker, Financial and Corporate Adviser to the Company for the purpose of undertaking a pre-IPO raising followed by an IPO and admission to the official list of the ASX.

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