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Australian Hotel Management Group Pty Ltd

Australian Hotel Management Group Pty Ltd


Australian Hotel Management Group Pty Ltd is a fast growing and innovative operator of differentiated models of hotel and serviced apartments in Australia. It has five trading assets and a strong growth pipeline of exciting opportunities. The organisation’s philosophy, ‘Think Different, Be Better’, drives innovation to create a unique and customer centric service offering. AHMG’s definition of the customer experience offers ‘New Form Stays’, changing the notion of typical accommodation in order to give the guest greater flexibility, greater value and more of a voice. 


The Company is seeking capital to fund identified opportunities. AHMG is also seeking partner to accelerate their plans to build and operate urban wellness hotels, boutique co-working hotels, serviced apartments and urban wellness venues. Funds to be used for growth plans including hotel management rights acquisition, hotel trade-ups, hotel fit-outs and to fulfill JV partner (wellness) obligations.


Convertible Note terms:

  1. 2-year term (initially).
  2. Maturity in September 2024 (therefore visible short-term exit for investors).
  3. 10% coupon, which compounds and accrues.
  4. Option to convert to equity at 25% discount to capped valuation of $100m.


Key objectives over the next five to seven years include: 

  • Operating a Wellness Hotel in major cities across Australia. 
  • Operating a Porter Club hotel in each major city in Australia, including Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. 
  • Becoming a market leading co-working/hotel fusion operator in Australia. 
  • Attracting and retaining talented and high calibre personnel who are passionately engaged in AHMG’s business and in driving the organization’s vision forward;  
  • Become recognized as a leader and innovator across all three industry verticals. 
  • Exit via listing / trade sale within 5 years 

More information:

Contact Ian Kilday, Director – Property Advisory – Novus Capital Limited ian.kilday@novuscapital.com.au or +61 411 875 363

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