Novus Capital Limited is an investment and financial services company specialising in Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory and Share Trading services for Australian corporate and private clients, and overseas corporate clients.


Corporate Overview

At Novus, our primary strength lays in our team of experienced and dedicated professionals. Novus’ people provide the energy, ideas, leadership and values that give Novus its competitive advantage – Vision, Integrity and Professionalism.

Novus has assembled a team of people with a wide professional skill base. This depth and range of experience provides a strong platform to enable the fulfilment of clients’ needs.

The Novus team possesses strong academic and professional qualifications in the securities and banking industries including investment, business administration, accounting, finance, law, commerce, education and superannuation. With these well-developed skills and techniques, Novus provides its corporate and private client base with a range of financial advisory and investment services tailored to meet individual requirements.

Novus Capital specialises in:

Novus Capital has a proven and successful track record of providing quality services to both its retail and corporate clients.

Novus had its genesis in the early 1990s and had a strong focus on corporate advisory and capital raising services. It then expanded into share trading and financial planning.

This steady corporate growth has resulted in a robust organisational structure with a sound network of offices across Australia. Our people are chosen for their professional skills and dedication to providing quality client services. In turn they are supported by a team of directors and senior management with the experience, energy and skills to continue to expand Novus and provide a business model which delivers excellent products and services to clients and at the same time is seen as attractive by similarly minded and experienced Advisers who want to join the Novus team.

Key Facts:

  •   Over $4.0bn in completed transactions
  •   Established and proven track record
  •   Internal distribution support for corporate clients when raising capital
  •   Relationship driven philosophy
  •   Extensive distribution partners
  •   Proactive investor relations for corporate clients including direct media coverage
  •   Access to quality research