Novus Capital Limited is an investment and financial services company specialising in Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory and Share Trading services for Australian corporate and private clients, and overseas corporate clients.


Novus Share Trading Services is a group of highly professional advisers who service institutional, sophisticated and private investors.


Advisory Service for Equities

Novus Advisers have extensive experience in the equities market and can offer advice on individual securities and trading strategies tailored to your investment needs.

Our Advisers provide advice and or simple execution services for clients looking to trade in securities (Shares or Bonds) and certain derivatives.

Advisers have access to research and often attend company briefings to get a full understanding of the company’s operations.

Some advisors specialise in different sectors of the market as defined by size ASX 200/300 for instance, while others specialise in small and microcaps, or by industry such as mining, technology, biotech etc.

We use a number of third party clearers that you can choose from who undertake our settlement and clearing obligations. 

Margin Lending

A margin loan lets you borrow money to invest and uses your shares or managed funds you already own as security. As with any form or debt it will add to your risk for while It can help you increase your returns but it can also magnify your losses. Margin loans are for serious investors who understand the market and the risks actively monitor and manage their investments.

The amount that you can borrow is determined by the securities in your portfolio, their Loan to Value Ratio and a credit limit based on an assessment of your financial position.

Novus does not act as the lender but can arrange margin lending facilities to accommodate leveraged trading secured by most ASX Top 200 stocks and selected other stocks on request.

Portfolio Structuring

It’s a good idea to regularly have an evaluation of how your portfolio and assess whether it aligns with your current financial goals. You need to know if your asset allocation in line with your time horizons and risk tolerance, ethical concerns, and any other factors you see as important. As your financial goals evolve so too will the need to adjust your portfolio. This can be hard to do yourself, and remain objective. It also is difficult for most investors to keep up-to-date with the wide variety of products available in the market.

Novus Advisers can assist in selecting an investment portfolio taking account of a client’s risk profile, preferences, and income needs. We can provide advice on existing portfolios and can make refinement recommendations where necessary. For those that want to take a more hands off approach, but still would like to have some influence over the structure of their portfolio, you may want to check out our Managed Discretionary Account Services

Options and Warrants

Novus has a number of Advisers who are accredited to provide advice and deal in a range of derivatives. In addition to covered calls and by-write positions, advice can be also provided on the use of more complex derivatives strategies.

Floats & Capital Raisings

Novus has a strong and vibrant Corporate Advisory and Investment Banking team, that specialises in small to midcap companies.

Companies use Novus to raise everything from early stage seed funding, pre IPO, IPO share offers and post IPO placements. In almost all instances, these offerings are made available to Novus clients (clients that qualify) before they are offered on the general market. Please note however that there are certain rules around the early stage funding, that only certain professional or “sophisticated” investors can participate in.

For the early stage pre IPO opportunities your advisor will explain to you the criteria and the documentation you will need to provide. There are no restrictions on participation in IPO’s but the advantage is that Novus advisors can alert you early of the opportunity to give you time to consider when the prospectus is released.

Novus can also offer clients access to selected major floats and privatisations through other ASX Participants.

For more information on Novus’s Investment Banking and Corporate advisory services, go to Corporate Advisory services section.

Managed Discretionary Accounts

Novus™ Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) service is available for investors who want to utilise the investment skills of selected Advisers allowing greater flexibility as the adviser makes the investment decisions for and on behalf of the investor.

The use of Novus™ MDA service allows investment decisions to be made that take advantage of market conditions in the most timely and efficient manner.

What is a managed discretionary account?

A managed discretionary account (MDA) is a service where a portfolio of investments is maintained for you and you provide discretion to an investment manager to make decisions about that portfolio on your behalf. In this way, you delegate the day to day decision making about your investment portfolio to your selected advisor.

MDAs are regulated by ASIC (the Australian Securities & Investments Commission) and the provision of MDA services must meet certain conditions of the Corporations Act 2001, Regulatory Guide 179 and ASIC Class Order CO 04/194. Only some of our advisors are licenced to operate MDAs.

Difference between an MDA and a Fund

When considering an MDA you will have extensive dialogue with the advisor who can tailor the investment portfolio to your particular needs, as well as give you the ability to change these criteria when you wish to. You can even lock in or lock out certain stocks, and in conjunction with your advisor put other guidelines around how you wish to invest. As every case is different, we encourage you to call us and discuss your needs.