Novus Capital Limited is an investment and financial services company specialising in Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory and Share Trading services for Australian corporate and private clients, and overseas corporate clients.


Novus Corporate Advisory has a proven and successful track record in servicing corporate clients. Novus specifically assists corporate clients to identify, analyse, structure, price, negotiate, market and effect transactions.

There are three main aspects of our Corporate Service offering, and while they often overlap, each has a distinct skill set requirement, that our team embodies:

Corporate Advisory

Novus Corporate Advisory provides specialised corporate advisory services  principally to privately owned businesses and small to medium sized public and ASX listed companies. Indeed, one of our most in-demand services is helping to manage the transition from a privately held company to a publicly listed one.

There is a great deal more to the process than simply complying with ASIC and ASX rules, and raising money from the public. A successful transition from the private to public world, requires a lot of careful planning, structuring, marketing and presentation skills that are not so necessary in a private company.

As a public company, you now have to market to two distinct constituencies… your customers (which you are probably already good at) and your investors, which you may have no experience with. Sometimes the interests (at least in the short term) of both sets of constituents do not align. Shareholders sometimes want an upbeat quarterly and ever increasing growth, while customers may need extra features, pricing and other things that are counter to that.

Novus Corporate Advisory has a proven and successful track record in servicing corporate clients. Novus, specifically assists corporate clients to identify, analyse, structure, price, negotiate, market and effect transactions.

We have successfully concluded many transactions for corporate clients across a broad range of industry sectors, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals
  • Clean Technology
  • Education
  • Energy Growth
  • Energy Storage
  • Financial Services and Funds Management
  • Health Care and Life Services
  • Industrial Products
  • IT and E Commerce
  • Infrastructure
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Medical devices and distribution
  • Materials storage and packaging
  • Property - unlisted and listed
  • Publishing and Printing
  • Resources
  • Special Situations
  • Technology and Information
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Viticulture
At Novus, we believe our corporate advisory successes stem from two fundamentals:
  • Hard work  and dedication to achieving your goals needs and
  • the expertise and diverse experience of our Corporate Services Advisory group.

For further information on current transactions (offers) go to Floats and Capital Raisings and for past transactions go to Recent Corporate Transactions undertaken by our corporate advisory services group.

A Guide to listing on the ASX

Our brief ASX Listing Guide will give you a basic idea of what would be involved in the listing process. As the rules and guidelines change, we have also linked you to the ASX site to ensure the information is up to date.

Financial Services

Novus can work on either side of the transaction... known as "Buy Side" where we act for the buyer and "Sell Side" where we act for the seller. That is to say Novus is engaged by companies and organisations to sell their securities for cash or assets. When acting on the buy side, we advise and help execute transactions for institutions, companies or high net worth individuals.

On the Sell side, our main activity, companies often start their relationship with Novus as a private company. Novus may be engaged to raise money to start a development ( Pre-IPO or seed round), or in many cases to prepare a company for public listing. Novus will advise the company on the best way to structure the business, develop a marketing plan for investors etc., as already described in our Corporate Advisory section.

Thinking Listing your Company on the ASX?

Talk to one of our corporate advisors about the suitability of your company to list, and what the process entails. It’s a good idea to start early even if you think you won’t be ready to list for a few years. We can advise you of a whole range of ideas that will make the process a lot easier and faster when you do come to that point.

See our Guide to Listing on ASX

Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

The Novus corporate advisers are experienced and skilled when it comes to initiating managing or defending an M & A transaction. A successful transaction can completely transform the prospects of a company. Dealing with publicly listed companies requires a deep knowledge of the rules and regulations and while lawyers will be relied upon to cover the detail, Novus professionals will focus on the strategic and commercial angles to ensure you meet your objectives.

  • Identifying potential targets for acquisitions and mergers
  • Evaluating the commercial and strategic Risks and rewards of a transaction
  • Making then initial approach
  • Project management and assisting with negotiating commercial agreements
  • Financial modelling of a range of scenarios
  • Organising and management of due diligence
  • Structure optimisation
  • Funding – Equity or Debt raise
  • Negotiating with the vendor